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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Queen Mumansi14   -Timorous DeepNo
A Spotted Pouncer14   vTimorous DeepNo
A Feline Sentinel36-38   ^A Maj'Dul ResidenceNo
A Leopard Kit36-38   ^A Maj'Dul ResidenceNo
A Hungry Sandstalker Sabertooth53   v v v   to   v vThe Pillars of FlameNo
A Shimmering Guardian54-55   v v vThe Shimmering CitadelNo
A Sandstalker Sabertooth54-56   v v   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Pillars of FlameNo
A Great Sandstalker Sabertooth55-56   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Pillars of FlameNo
A Sabertooth Kadaren Escapee56   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Court of Truth: Riddle of the SphinxNo
Omnushan60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Cave of KnowledgeYes
A Sandfang Prowler60-63   v v v   to   ^ ^ HeroicCazel's MesaNo
A Sandfang Razorclaw61-63   v v vCazel's MesaNo
A Sandfang Stalker61-63   v v vCazel's MesaNo
Fang64   -Cazel's MesaNo
A Warslik Prowler73-74   -Fens of NathsarNo
Moonfang74   ^Fens of NathsarYes