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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
An Oakmyst FawnSouth QeynosNo
A Grove Deer2-3   vQueen's ColonyNo
A Dead Deer3   vQueen's ColonyNo
A White-tailed Leaper4-5   -Greater FaydarkNo
A Defiled Grove Deer4   vQueen's ColonyNo
A Timber Fawn4-6   v v v   to   vThe Forest RuinsNo
An Oakmyst Fawn5   vOakmyst ForestNo
An Oakmyst Doe6   vOakmyst ForestNo
A Mith Deer12-13   -The CommonlandsNo
An Infected Deer12   -Darklight WoodNo
A Savanna Deer14-15   -The CommonlandsNo
A Young Savanna Deer14-15   v v vThe CommonlandsNo
A Tainted Glade Deer14-15   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Firemyst GullyNo
A Savanna Deer Fawn14-15   v v vThe CommonlandsNo
A Savanna Deer16-17   -The CommonlandsNo
A Savannah Kudu16-17   -The CommonlandsNo
A Fledgling Antelope21-23   v v vThe Thundering SteppesNo
A Mature Antelope21-25   v v v   to   vThe Thundering SteppesNo
A Thicket Deer31-33   v v v   to   v v vEnchanted LandsNo
A Valley Deer33-37   -Zek, the Orcish WastesNo
A Vale Deer35-36   ^ ^ HeroicRivervaleNo
A Sheep40-42   v   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Pillars of FlameNo
A Sunstrider Gazelle50-53   v v   to   -The Pillars of FlameNo