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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Pygmy Cockhen2   v v vKunzar JungleNo
A Nathsar Stonebeak71   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Dreaded Stonepeep71-72   -Kylong PlainsNo
Purplequill72   ^Fens of NathsarYes
A Foraging Emerald Stonegazer74-75   -Kunzar JungleNo
An Emerald Stonegazer74-75   -Kunzar JungleNo
The Cluckatrice75   ^Kunzar JungleNo
An Emerald Stoneleer75-76   -Kunzar JungleNo
Stoneneb76   ^Kunzar JungleYes
A Dreaded Stonegazer77-78   -Jarsath WastesNo
A Vile Stoneleer78-79   -Jarsath WastesNo
A Domineering Stonebeak78   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Deadly Stoneglint79-80   -Jarsath WastesNo
A Gazing Petrifier80   ^Jarsath WastesYes
Bluequill80   ^Fens of NathsarNo
A Feathered Vagabond82-83   vThe Sundered FrontierNo
A Feathered Vagabond82-83   vThe Sundered FrontierNo
Alpha Instinct83   ^ ^ HeroicFens of NathsarNo
Cockatrice84   -Fens of NathsarNo
A Savage Escaped Specimen92-93   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVasty Deep: The Abandoned LabsNo