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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Stonechest Gorilla14   vTimorous DeepNo
A Young Stonechest15   v v vTimorous DeepNo
A Stonechest Matron15   v v vTimorous DeepNo
A Carnivorous Graniteback24   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
An Elder Graniteback27-28   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Tatterback69-70   -Kylong PlainsNo
Silverback71   ^Kylong PlainsYes
Gullerback72   ^Kylong PlainsYes
A Shiverback Terror73-74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicShard of FearNo
Kza'Bok74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicShard of FearYes
Fearmonger74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicShard of FearYes
Kyr'Tok75   ^ ^ ^ HeroicShard of FearYes
A Highland Gorilla75-76   -Kunzar JungleNo
A Tatterback Gorilla76-77   -Kunzar JungleNo
Igoo77   ^Kunzar JungleYes
Tangor78   ^Kunzar JungleNo
A Young Bush Gorilla83-84   v v vThe Sundered FrontierNo
A Bush Gorilla83-84   v v   to   vThe Sundered FrontierNo
Colo83   ^The Sundered FrontierYes
Gorilla84   -Kunzar JungleNo
The Tangrin86   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Fens of NathsarYes
A Feral Stonebrunt Silverback93-94   v v v   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Vigilant: InfiltrationNo