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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
Mittens30   vGreater FaydarkNo
A Black Cat1   vThe Willow WoodNo
A Black Cat1   vThe BaubbleshireNo
PatchesNorth FreeportNo
A Wizard's Familiar22   ^Fallen GateNo
Crazy Charlene3   -Qeynos HarborNo
Darkpaw1   v v vHold of PrexusNo
LupinWest FreeportNo
A Black Cat1   vBeggar's CourtNo
A Black Cat1   vNettlevilleNo
A Black Cat1   vCastleview HamletNo
Snowfist1   v v vFrostfang SeaNo
A Black Cat1   vThe City of FreeportNo
Razor2   vSouth FreeportNo
A Kitten78   vMoors of YkeshaNo
A Monkey47   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Sinking SandsNo
Methos2-4   vTemple StreetNo
Max1   v v vThe Village of ShinNo
A Black Cat1   vSouth QeynosNo
A Kitten1   v v vGreater FaydarkNo
ShadowEast FreeportNo
A Kitten1   v   to   -Qeynos HarborNo
A Black Cat1   vWest FreeportNo
CyclopsWest FreeportNo
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