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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A Terrok Clerk33-34   v vKaladimNo
A Stormhammer Keep Bouncer83   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKaladimNo
A Krulkiel Archer27   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
Crackbak The Scavenger34   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimYes
An Elite Krulkiel Raider31   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Serilian Noble33-34   ^KaladimNo
Overseer Torvik30-31   ^Butcherblock MountainsYes
A Krulkiel Basher30-31   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Krulkiel Grunt30   vButcherblock MountainsNo
A Terrok Quartermaster33-34   -KaladimNo
A Krulkiel Carver30-31   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Krulkiel Tracker30   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Terrok Lifter33-34   v   to   -KaladimNo
A Terrok Drill Master32-33   ^KaladimNo
A Krulkiel Grunt26-27   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Terrok Sentinel35   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimNo
A Terrok Cartographer33-34   ^KaladimNo
A Krulkiel Medic31   v v   to   vButcherblock MountainsNo
A Terrok Watcher33-34   -KaladimNo
A Terrok Treasury Guard33-34   -KaladimNo
A Terrok Mine Guard34   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimNo
A Terrok Watchman33-34   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicKaladimNo
A Krulkiel Scout26-27   -Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Krulkiel Mystic30-31   -   to   ^Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Terrok Bulwark35   ^KaladimNo
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