a parasitic imbiber  

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Zone:The Drowned Caverns: Outer Grotto
Possible Classes:Guardian
Level:19 - 20
Difficulty:^ to ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Bat, Flying, Living, Non-humanoid, Old World, Organic, Warmblooded

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a bat ear 0Item25%
Gumdrops 0Item10%
a bat eye 0Item2%
Garatch Nim Spaulders 43Armor0.6915%
Blotch Nim Bracers 43Armor0.6915%
Ilvitch Nim Slippers 43Armor0.6915%
Shoulder Pads of the Underpaw Outcast 43Armor0.6915%
Zulretch Pal Skullcap 19Armor0.6147%
Garatch Pal Helm 19Armor0.6147%
Blotch Pal Helm 19Armor0.6147%
Garatch Pal Spaulders 23Armor0.461%
Blotch Pal Boots 23Armor0.461%
Ilvitch Pal Slippers 23Armor0.461%
Zulretch Pal Gloves 23Armor0.461%
Zulretch Mot Bracelet 29Accessory0.3225%
Ilvitch Mot Cap 33Armor0.3225%
Underpaw Embossed Platemail Pauldrons 29Armor0.3225%
Zulretch Mot Wristguards 29Armor0.3225%
Blotch Mot Gloves 33Armor0.3225%
Wristguards of Runic Wisdom 29Armor0.3225%
Garatch Mot Sabatons 33Armor0.3225%
Bloodied Gnoll-Woven Gloves 33Armor0.3225%
Ilvitch Signet Ring 43Accessory0.2305%
Forsaken Underpaw Pauldrons 39Armor0.2305%
Zulretch Nim Wristguards 39Armor0.2305%
Fervent Underpaw Wristguards 39Armor0.2305%