Zone:Shard of Fear
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Golem, Living, Noblooded, Non-humanoid, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial
Grants AA

Comes with an Amygdalan Inquisitor and an Amygdalan Knight, both 76^^ Epic(x2).

Throughout the zone you must collect hearts and brains from the various ring events. By the time you get to the pyramid behind the fire wall barrier you should have 6 total (everyone in the party can have 6). To spawn the mob once you are inside the barrier, place the hearts and brains inside the very large, highlightable offering bowls on the front corners of the pyramid. Be sure to clear the entire pyramid and surrounding area first of all mobs (including wanderers) or these mobs will add to the fight with Terror.

Just to the left of the zone in to the pyramid (as you are facing the gate) is a set of rocks with a deep V-shaped cut in them. Have the party crouch and walk, with as many of the group as possible wedging into the V to minimize the effects of the fear. Pet-pull (or hammer pull) Terror and his amygdalan assistants down to the V in the rock. Burn down the inquisitor first, then the knight, and then Terror.

If you are pulling Terror in order to spawn Elder Jhen (83^^^) for part of the monk epic, kill the monk first or have the second tank and another DPS class focus on him first while the main tank controls the other three mobs. Once the monk is dead, kill the inquisitor, then the knight, and Terror last.

Alternate idea for Monk Epic: We rooted Elder Jhen and proceeded to kill Terror and friends. After Terror was down Elder Jhen was cake.

Now with the expansion and shard armor he can be duoed easily same strategy as above.We did it with a Zerker and Warden full AOE spec to burn the adds, after that get ready for the long haul have healer conserve mana.Burn manastone and pots for regen as needed.Easy kill.

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