Evils Grumblepaws  

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Zone:Fens of Nathsar
Faction:The Bonediggers
Possible Classes:Berserker
Purpose:Collector of the Shinies
Classifications:Biped, Burynai, Nocharm, Organic, Terrestrial
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Burynai Brain 0Item21%
Burynai Tooth 0Item21%
Burynai Paw 0Item21%
Burynai Eye 0Item21%
Burynai Patch of Fur 0Item21%
burynai hard candy 0Item5%
Ruin Pillager's Foot Wraps 72Armor3.2258%
Drape of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Accessory3.2258%
Ancient Cabalisian Drape 72Accessory3.2258%
Ruin Pillager's Skullcap 72Armor3.2258%
Chain Boots of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Armor3.2258%
Barbute of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Armor3.2258%
Ball of Tiny Steel Links 72Accessory3.2258%
Bracelet of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Accessory3.2258%
Ancient Cabalisian Sabatons 72Armor3.2258%
Dagger of Instinctual Maiming 72Weapon3.2258%
Club of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Weapon3.2258%
Ancient Cabalisian Shackle 72Accessory3.2258%
Succulent Husk Bracelet 72Accessory3.2258%
Chain Boots of Instinctual Maiming 72Armor3.2258%
Cockatrice Claw Trinket 72Accessory3.2258%
Coif of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Armor3.2258%
Wand of the Succulent Slayer 72Weapon3.2258%
Succulent Husk Cowl 72Armor3.2258%
Leather Boots of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Armor3.2258%
Ancient Cabalisian Sword 72Weapon3.2258%
Wristlet of Instinctual Maiming 72Accessory3.2258%
Ruin Pillager's Claws 72Weapon3.2258%
Cloak of Instinctual Maiming 72Accessory3.2258%
Sabatons of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Armor3.2258%
Ancient Cabalisian Barbute 72Armor3.2258%
Succulent Husk Slippers 72Armor3.2258%
Coif of Instinctual Maiming 72Armor3.2258%
Succulent Husk Cape 72Accessory3.2258%
Enchanted Glob of Swamp Muck 72Accessory3.2258%
Gleaming Rhino Hoof 72Accessory3.2258%
Leather Helm of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72Armor3.2258%
Emerald Scrying Stone 0Item2.4138%
Emerald Amulet 0Item2.4138%
Faywax Sealed Document 0Item2.4138%
Beryllium Relic 0Item2.4138%
flask of enchanted water 0Item1%
large meaty bone 0Item1%
small bag of compost 0Item1%
Advanced Adornments Volume 8 0Recipe Book0.6667%
Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole 0Recipe Book0.3333%
tattered pegasus cloak 0Item0.3333%
Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Rhino Bone Fighting Staff 72Weapon0.2941%
Stud of Rilissian Steel 72Accessory0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Earstud 72Accessory0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Necklace 72Accessory0.2941%
Greaves of Rilissian Steel 72Armor0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Blocker 72Shield0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Ring 72Accessory0.2941%
Clutch of Rilissian Steel 72Accessory0.2941%
Shield of Rilissian Steel 72Shield0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Earring 72Accessory0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Chausses 72Armor0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Ring 72Accessory0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Mallet 72Weapon0.2941%
Rhino Bone Ulak 72Weapon0.2941%
Idol of the Fenswalker 72Shield0.2941%
Choker of Rilissian Steel 72Accessory0.2941%
Greataxe of Rilissian Steel 72Weapon0.2941%
Cockatrice Feather Earstud 72Accessory0.2941%
Tough Rhino Hide Breeches 72Armor0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Greaves 72Armor0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Orb 72Shield0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Leather Pants 72Armor0.2941%
Cockatrice Feathered Necklace 72Accessory0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Necklace 72Accessory0.2941%
Sash of Rilissian Steel 72Accessory0.2941%
Cockatrice Feathered Sash 72Accessory0.2941%
Cockatrice Feathered Pantaloons 72Armor0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Sash 72Accessory0.2941%
Stave of the Fenswalker 72Weapon0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Belt 72Accessory0.2941%
Bathezid Outrider's Lost Cleaver 72Weapon0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Chausses 72Armor0.2941%
Cockatrice Feathered Ring 72Accessory0.2941%
Ancient Burynai Shaman's Buckler 72Shield0.2941%
a sphinx eye amulet 0Item0.1667%
statue of Veeshan 0Item0.1667%
chipped ivory mask 0Item0.1667%
war fist 0Item0.1667%