Haine Corbould  

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Zone:Neriak, City of Hate
Faction:The City of Neriak
Purpose:Templar Trainer
Classifications:Human, Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Blessing 30Spell Scroll
Detect Evil 35Spell Scroll
Detect Good 35Spell Scroll
Enforced Reverence 30Spell Scroll
Faith Respect 20Spell Scroll
Holy Acolyte 45Spell Scroll
Holy Aura 50Spell Scroll
Singular Focus 1Spell Scroll
Summon Food and Water 6Spell Scroll
Summon Holy Symbol 40Spell Scroll
Summon Unholy Symbol 40Spell Scroll
Unholy Adept 45Spell Scroll
Unholy Aura 50Spell Scroll
Unholy Fear 20Spell Scroll
odyssey stone 0Item