golemic minion  

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Zone:Spirits of the Lost
Faction:The Tae Ew Lizardmen
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Golem, Living, Noblooded, Non-humanoid, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
impure chunk of arcane stone 0Item25%
a golem obedience chain 0Item21%
a golem sentience leash 0Item21%
a golem corporeal shell 0Item21%
a golem animating force 0Item21%
a golem motive prism 0Item21%
Nutty Chocolate Bar 0Item20%
golem hard candy 0Item5%
Star Sapphire Scrying Stone 0Item5%
woven reinforced boots 44Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail vambraces 39Armor2.2857%
woven reinforced tunic 41Armor2.2857%
linen mitts 43Armor2.2857%
linen slippers 42Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail coif 48Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine leggings 38Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered cuffs 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail gloves 48Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine shoulder pads 43Armor2.2857%
constructor's gloves 43Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered cap 48Armor2.2857%
linen cap 38Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven boots 48Armor2.2857%
linen blouse 44Armor2.2857%
constructor's shoes 41Armor2.2857%
augmented leather gloves 44Armor2.2857%
linen cuffs 40Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail boots 48Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail breastplate 43Armor2.2857%
augmented leather shoulder pads 40Armor2.2857%
constructor's cape 39Armor2.2857%
augmented leather wristguards 40Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine handguards 42Armor2.2857%
constructor's vest 39Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven skullcap 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard greaves 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven wristguards 48Armor2.2857%
rubicite vanguard cuirass 42Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail leggings 42Armor2.2857%
augmented leather boots 42Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine boots 40Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail tonlets 39Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered pantaloons 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered cowl 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard gussets 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered mitts 48Armor2.2857%
augmented leather skullcap 39Armor2.2857%
constructor's bloomers 40Armor2.2857%
constructor's sleeves 44Armor2.2857%
woven reinforced pants 44Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail gauntlets 38Armor2.2857%
rubicite vanguard gussets 45Armor2.2857%
woven reinforced skullcap 43Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard spaulders 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered slippers 48Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail helm 41Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail coif 44Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail coat 42Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail boots 42Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail legplates 40Armor2.2857%
woven reinforced gloves 43Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven gloves 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard sabatons 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard cuirass 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite embroidered blouse 48Armor2.2857%
constructor's cap 44Armor2.2857%
woven reinforced shoulder pads 40Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven tunic 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven pants 48Armor2.2857%
augmented leather tunic 43Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail leggings 48Armor2.2857%
rubicite vanguard sabatons 44Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine chestguard 41Armor2.2857%
ebon platemail pauldrons 41Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard barbute 48Armor2.2857%
rubicite vanguard barbute 41Armor2.2857%
thulzite woven shoulder pads 48Armor2.2857%
thulzite vanguard gauntlets 48Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail mantle 42Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail mantle 48Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail bracers 44Armor2.2857%
Rubicite Vanguard Greaves 45Armor2.2857%
linen pantaloons 38Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail coat 48Armor2.2857%
rubicite vanguard gauntlets 40Armor2.2857%
thulzite ringmail bracers 48Armor2.2857%
augmented leather pants 44Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine helm 43Armor2.2857%
Rubicite Vanguard Spaulders 45Armor2.2857%
ebon brigandine wristguards 43Armor2.2857%
linen shawl 39Armor2.2857%
woven reinforced wristguards 42Armor2.2857%
ebon chainmail gloves 43Armor2.2857%
ebon cluster 0Item0.5717%
fused loam 0Item0.5717%
augmented leather pelt 0Item0.5717%
severed cedar 0Item0.5717%
rough ruby 0Item0.5717%
figwart root 0Item0.5717%
rhodium cluster 0Item0.5717%
reinforced brigandine shoulder pads 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced brigandine wristguards 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail gauntlets 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced brigandine leggings 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail leggings 43Armor0.5714%
velvet pantaloons 43Armor0.5714%
velvet mitts 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail vambraces 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced brigandine boots 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced brigandine helm 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail tonlets 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail gloves 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail bracers 43Armor0.5714%
velvet cowl 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail coif 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced brigandine chestguard 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced brigandine handguards 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail coat 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail helm 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail mantle 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather gloves 43Armor0.5714%
velvet cuffs 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail legplates 43Armor0.5714%
velvet slippers 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather boots 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather skullcap 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather shoulder pads 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather wristguards 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather pants 43Armor0.5714%
velvet cap 43Armor0.5714%
reinforced leather tunic 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail breastplate 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite platemail pauldrons 43Armor0.5714%
velvet blouse 43Armor0.5714%
rubicite chainmail boots 43Armor0.5714%