a Nak'azar high guard  

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Faction:Brood of Di'Zok
Possible Classes:Guardian
Level:78 - 79
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic to ^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Biped, Chardok Sarnak, Dizok, Living, Organic, Sentient, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Di'Zok Skin 0Item21%
Di'Zok Horn 0Item21%
Di'Zok Claw 0Item21%
Di'Zok Heart 0Item21%
Di'Zok Tail 0Item21%
Di'Zok Gall Bladder 0Item8%
sarnak hard candy 0Item5%
Emerald Scrying Stone 0Item2.4138%
Emerald Amulet 0Item2.4138%
Faywax Sealed Document 0Item2.4138%
Beryllium Relic 0Item2.4138%
flask of enchanted water 0Item1%
large meaty bone 0Item1%
small bag of compost 0Item1%
Advanced Adornments Volume 8 0Recipe Book0.6667%
reflective smoldering shard 0Item0.400%
Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Antonica 0Recipe Book0.3533%
Blueprint: Call of the Tinkerer 0Recipe Book0.3333%
Blueprint: Collapsible Fishing Pole 0Recipe Book0.3333%
tattered pegasus cloak 0Item0.3333%
Blueprint: Wormhole Generator: Commonlands 0Recipe Book0.3333%
a sphinx eye amulet 0Item0.1667%
statue of Veeshan 0Item0.1667%
chipped ivory mask 0Item0.1667%
war fist 0Item0.1667%
Bathezid Brigade Greaves 76Armor0.050%
Mutegenica Manacle 79Accessory0.050%
Tsinisite Belt 76Accessory0.050%
Nak'azar Brigade Collar 77Accessory0.050%
Nak'azar Brigade Bracers 77Accessory0.050%