a bzzt bixie soldier  

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Zone:Tenebrous Tangle
Faction:Bazzt Bzzt Bixie Brood
Possible Classes:Fury,Berserker
Level:60 - 61
Difficulty:v to -
Classifications:Bixie, Coldblooded, Hoverer, Insectoid, Living, Old World, Organic
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
vial of bixie blood 0Item25%
a bixie eye 0Item21%
a bixie thorax 0Item21%
a bixie stinger 0Item21%
a bixie wing 0Item21%
a bixie leg 0Item21%
bixie hard candy 0Item5%
a blunted bixie stinger 0Item2%
Exquisite Peridot 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Malachite 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Emerald 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Onyx 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Pearl 0Item0.1399%
Pristine Moonstone 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Opal 0Item0.1399%
Refined Black Pearl 0Item0.1093%
Pristine Obsidian 0Item0.1093%
Refined Quartz 0Item0.1093%
Refined Ruby 0Item0.1093%
Refined Adamantite 0Item0.1093%
Refined Aquamarine 0Item0.1093%
Refined Topaz 0Item0.1093%
Immaculate Sapphire 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Bloodstone 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Nephrite 0Item0.105%
Pristine Chrysoberyl 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Amethyst 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Gold Beryl 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Garnet 0Item0.105%
Flawless Rose Quartz 0Item0.0743%
Pristine Ruby 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Amber 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Turquoise 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Jade 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Red Beryl 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Azurite 0Item0.0743%