a harnessed Spur stalker  

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Zone:Greater Faydark
Possible Classes:Guardian
Level:8 - 9
Classifications:Faydwer, Living, Organic, Quadruped, Terrestrial, Warmblooded, Wolf
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
rawhide leather pelt 0Item12.500%
wolf fang 0Item12.500%
Cupcake 0Item10%
Weakened Blood of the Wolf 1Potion2%
Rusty Mace 5Weapon0.2564%
Worn Great Staff 5Weapon0.2564%
Cloth Shawl 3Armor0.2564%
Raw-hide Boots 3Armor0.2564%
Raw-hide Wristbands 3Armor0.2564%
Raw-hide Tunic 3Armor0.2564%
Rusty Battle Axe 5Weapon0.2564%
Raw-hide Leggings 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Boots 3Armor0.2564%
Ringmail Gloves 3Armor0.2564%
Rusty Rapier 5Weapon0.2564%
Rusty Dagger 5Weapon0.2564%
Cloth Cuffs 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Breastplate 3Armor0.2564%
Cloth Cap 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Pauldrons 3Armor0.2564%
Ringmail Boots 3Armor0.2564%
Cloth Shirt 3Armor0.2564%
Rusty Warhammer 5Weapon0.2564%
Ringmail Coat 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Greaves 3Armor0.2564%
Raw-hide Shoulderpads 3Armor0.2564%
Rusty Scythe 5Weapon0.2564%
Cloth Gloves 3Armor0.2564%
Cloth Sandals 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Helm 3Armor0.2564%
Ringmail Pants 3Armor0.2564%
Raw-hide Skullcap 3Armor0.2564%
Ringmail Coif 3Armor0.2564%
Ringmail Bracers 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Gauntlets 3Armor0.2564%
Rusty Shortsword 5Weapon0.2564%
Ringmail Mantle 3Armor0.2564%
Cloth Pants 3Armor0.2564%
Bronze Bracers 3Armor0.2564%
Rusty Shortended Spear 5Weapon0.2564%
Rusty Longsword 5Weapon0.2564%
Rusty Scimitar 5Weapon0.2564%
Raw-hide Gloves 3Armor0.2564%