a drakota worshipper  

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Zone:Sanctum of the Scaleborn
Faction:The Temple of Scale
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Coldblooded, Draconic, Drakota, Living, Old World, Organic, Overrealm, Quadruped, Sentient, Terrestrial
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a vial of drake blood 0Item25%
a drakota tooth 0Item21%
a drakota scale 0Item21%
a drakota eye 0Item21%
a drakota tongue 0Item21%
a drakota claw 0Item21%
a drake scale 0Item2%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 6 0Item0.3125%
Awakened steel dagger 57Weapon0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 4 0Item0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 11 0Item0.3125%
Awakened steel holy symbol 57Shield0.3125%
Awakened steel longsword 57Weapon0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 5 0Item0.3125%
Awakened steel bracers 57Armor0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 7 0Item0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu 0Book0.3125%
Awakened steel flight shield 57Shield0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 9 0Item0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 8 0Item0.3125%
Awakened steel flight spear 57Weapon0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 10 0Item0.3125%
Teachings of Master Wu - Page 3 0Item0.3125%
Awakened Scaleguard cloth robe 62Armor0.250%
Awakened Scaleguard chain chestguard 62Armor0.250%
Awakened Scaleguard plate breastplate 62Armor0.250%
Awakened Scaleguard leather tunic 62Armor0.250%
Awakened Scaleguard cloth cap 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard plate helm 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard plate boots 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard plate gauntlets 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard cloth pants 62Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard plate greaves 62Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard leather sleeves 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard chain gloves 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard chain coif 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard cloth gloves 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard leather hands 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard chain leggings 62Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard cloth shoes 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard leather cap 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard chain sleeves 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard chain boots 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard leather boots 61Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard cloth sleeves 60Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard leather breeches 62Armor0.1565%
Awakened Scaleguard plate vambraces 60Armor0.1565%
Exquisite Peridot 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Malachite 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Emerald 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Onyx 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Pearl 0Item0.1399%
Pristine Moonstone 0Item0.1399%
Exquisite Opal 0Item0.1399%
Refined Black Pearl 0Item0.1093%
Pristine Obsidian 0Item0.1093%
Refined Quartz 0Item0.1093%
Refined Ruby 0Item0.1093%
Refined Adamantite 0Item0.1093%
Refined Aquamarine 0Item0.1093%
Refined Topaz 0Item0.1093%
Immaculate Sapphire 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Bloodstone 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Nephrite 0Item0.105%
Pristine Chrysoberyl 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Amethyst 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Gold Beryl 0Item0.105%
Immaculate Garnet 0Item0.105%
Flawless Rose Quartz 0Item0.0743%
Pristine Ruby 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Amber 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Turquoise 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Jade 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Red Beryl 0Item0.0743%
Flawless Azurite 0Item0.0743%