a dreadsnout fiend  

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Zone:Sundered Splitpaw: Anvilpaw's Grotto
Possible Classes:Wizard
Level:22 - 23
Classifications:Hellboar, Living, Organic, Quadruped, Shattered Lands, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
swine meat 0Item25%
Runed Rosch Mal Wristwraps 33Armor4%
Discordant Scimitar 20Weapon4%
Polished Tesch Mal Pauldrons 33Armor4%
Creeping Mold Bracelet 20Accessory4%
Aligned Terramite Greatsword 20Weapon4%
Heavy Lteth Mal Bracers 30Armor4%
Silk Rosch Mal Gloves 30Armor4%
Barbed Girdle of Mortification 20Accessory4%
Censer of Serilis' Infidel 23Shield4%
Artificer's Chainmail Boots 23Armor4%
Terramite Flecked Alloy Scimitar 23Weapon4%
Decorative Nisch Mal Skullcap 30Armor4%
Signet of Unholy Rituals 33Accessory4%
Fetid Rosch Mas Cape 20Armor4%
Stitched Nisch Mas Mantle 23Armor4%
Acid Etched Tesch Mas Gauntlets 23Armor4%
Concentration Hoop 45Accessory3.4286%
Spiked Bands of Force 45Accessory3.4286%
Slippers of Echoes 45Armor3.4286%
Bejeweled Splitpaw Sai 45Weapon3.4286%
Weighted Girdle of Worth 45Accessory3.4286%
Bonedust Boots 45Armor3.4286%
Fetid Boarskin Gloves 45Armor3.4286%
Boiled Dreadsnout Hide Skullcap 45Armor3.4286%
Boiled Dreadsnout Hide Pouch 45Weapon3.4286%
Sundered Skullcap 45Armor3.4286%
Deep Cavern Bracers 45Armor3.4286%
Ring of the Splitpaw Elite 45Accessory3.4286%
Helm of Bloodshed 45Armor3.4286%
Gnoll Bone Necklace 45Accessory3.4286%
Soothing Rosch Val Wristwraps 40Armor2%
Polished Nisch Val Boots 40Armor2%
Girdle of the Grotto 40Accessory2%
Etched Lteth Val Gauntlets 40Armor2%
Shimmering Rosch Val Cloak 40Armor2%
Burnished Tesch Val Helm 40Armor2%
Terramite Studded Fistwraps 40Weapon2%
Sporeling Bracelet 40Accessory2%
swine tail 0Item2%
Shining Tesch Val Bracers 43Armor1.1429%
Polished Nisch Val Tonlets 43Armor1.1429%
Terramite Shard Earring 43Accessory1.1429%
Bracelet of Mystification 43Accessory1.1429%
Underpaw Sabatons of Slighting 43Armor1.1429%
Underpaw Pauldrons of Slighting 43Armor1.1429%
Ancient Tesch Val Wristguards 43Armor1.1429%
Glowing Rosch Val Gloves 43Armor1.1429%
Garland of Mystification 43Accessory1.1429%
Ornate Nisch Val Skullcap 43Armor1.1429%
Gloves of the Malefactor 43Armor1.1429%
Bloodstained Tesch Val Mantle 43Armor1.1429%
Pitted Terramite Cudgel 43Weapon1.1429%
Dreadsnout Hide Skullcap 43Armor1.1429%