Iymstra Do'Vethiervs  

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Zone:Darklight Wood
Purpose:Combat Arts and Spells
Classifications:Dark Elf, Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Aanya's Enforced Worship 50Spell Scroll
Abandoned Fury of Fire 20Spell Scroll
Al'Cenari's Scaled Companion 35Spell Scroll
Al'Kabor's Flaming Visage 30Spell Scroll
Berserker's Abandoned Fury 50Spell Scroll
Bind Sight 5Spell Scroll
Blessing 30Spell Scroll
Brusco's Flavorful Aura 50Spell Scroll
Call of the Fae 35Spell Scroll
Call of the Fae 35Spell Scroll
Clobber 20Spell Scroll
Curse of the Un-natural 40Spell Scroll
Dartain's Cloaking Debris 50Spell Scroll
Dartain's Dead Sight 40Spell Scroll
Detect Evil 35Spell Scroll
Detect Good 35Spell Scroll
Disguise: Dark Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: Half Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: High Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: High Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: Ogre 50Spell Scroll
Disguise: Wood Elf 40Spell Scroll
Dreadnaught Kata 20Spell Scroll
Dust Cloud 20Spell Scroll
Enforced Reverence 30Spell Scroll
Erqu's Emissary 50Spell Scroll
Erqu's Hex of the Rat 45Spell Scroll
Faerie Fire 20Spell Scroll
Faith Respect 20Spell Scroll
Form of the Builder 30Spell Scroll
Form of the Furious Bear 40Spell Scroll
Form of the Great Stag 45Spell Scroll
Form of the Rook 40Spell Scroll
Form of the Spirit Hawk 45Spell Scroll
Form of the Strange Bear 40Spell Scroll
Fury of the Storm 45Spell Scroll
Greth's Willing Scout 20Spell Scroll
Group Illusion: Air Elemental 45Spell Scroll
Group Illusion: Earth Elemental 50Spell Scroll
Group Illusion: Gnoll 50Spell Scroll
Group Illusion: Half Elf 40Spell Scroll
Group Illusion: Human 30Spell Scroll
Haero's Aura Awareness 40Spell Scroll
Hand of Bayle 50Spell Scroll
Hand of Lucan 50Spell Scroll
Hand of the Just 20Spell Scroll
Holy Acolyte 45Spell Scroll
Holy Aura 50Spell Scroll
Holy Steed 20Spell Scroll
Illusion Other: Ratonga 30Spell Scroll
Illusion Other: Troll 40Spell Scroll
Illusion: Air Elemental 35Spell Scroll
Illusion: Barbarian 35Spell Scroll
Illusion: Dwarf 35Spell Scroll
Illusion: Earth Elemental 40Spell Scroll
Illusion: Fire Elemental 20Spell Scroll
Illusion: Gnoll 45Spell Scroll
Illusion: Half Elf 20Spell Scroll
Illusion: Human 20Spell Scroll
Illusion: Water Elemental 30Spell Scroll
Iron Skin Style 50Spell Scroll
Jeth's Cuddly Companion 40Spell Scroll
Juka's Smoldering Essence 50Spell Scroll
Kintaz' Boggling Request 35Spell Scroll
Kintaz' Mournful Pose 35Spell Scroll
Kraylith's Curse of the Toad 20Spell Scroll
Kraylith's Minor Familiar 30Spell Scroll
Lysira's Forced Jig 20Spell Scroll
Lysira's Forced Mirth 20Spell Scroll
Lyssa's Perpetual Motion 50Spell Scroll
Melancholy Melody 20Spell Scroll
Nature's Irate Form 30Spell Scroll
Nylph's Bone Form 20Spell Scroll
Nylph's Misty Image 35Spell Scroll
Nylph's Skeletal Regiment 45Spell Scroll
Nylph's Zombie Form 30Spell Scroll
Phyn's Hunting Hawk 20Spell Scroll
Radiance of the Silent Fist 50Spell Scroll
Reebo's Circling Runes 50Spell Scroll
Rhyn's Feline Hunter 50Spell Scroll
Rousing Celebration 20Spell Scroll
Rowyl's Form of the Vale 30Spell Scroll
Rowyl's Furious Barrier 50Spell Scroll
Rune's Tome of Knowledge 45Spell Scroll
Shoutian's Sanctuary 50Spell Scroll
Silent Fist Kata 20Spell Scroll
Singular Focus 1Spell Scroll
Slithering Form of the Serpent 35Spell Scroll
Solist's Dark Flame 50Spell Scroll
Stalked Form of the Assassin 50Spell Scroll
Summon Food and Water 6Spell Scroll
Summon Holy Symbol 40Spell Scroll
Summon Sacrament 50Spell Scroll
Summon Squire 40Spell Scroll
Summon Squire 40Spell Scroll
Summon Unholy Symbol 40Spell Scroll
Swashbuckler's Charm 20Spell Scroll
T'Lys' Minor Familiar 20Spell Scroll
Talisman of the Spiritist 50Spell Scroll
Tiger Style 40Spell Scroll
Tishan's Freezing Form 40Spell Scroll
Turgur's Instant Relief 40Spell Scroll
Turgur's Spirit Sight 35Spell Scroll
Udor's Spirit of the Hawk 20Spell Scroll
Unholy Adept 45Spell Scroll
Unholy Aura 50Spell Scroll
Unholy Fear 20Spell Scroll
Unholy Steed 20Spell Scroll
Warden's Gentle Reminder 45Spell Scroll
Weapon Blur 50Spell Scroll
Wooden Skin Style 40Spell Scroll
Wunshi's Foul Sickening 30Spell Scroll
Yoppa's Rodent Form 20Spell Scroll
Yreth's Bat Vexation 35Spell Scroll
Yreth's Flying Friend 40Spell Scroll
Zumaik's Call of the Banshee 45Spell Scroll
Zumaik's Wincing Posture 45Spell Scroll
odyssey stone 0Item
softly glowing pearl 0Item