obsidian rocks  

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Zone:The Caves
Possible Classes:Bruiser
Difficulty:v v v
Classifications:Golem, Living, Noblooded, Non-humanoid, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
impure chunk of arcane stone 0Item25%
a golem obedience chain 0Item21%
a golem sentience leash 0Item21%
a golem corporeal shell 0Item21%
a golem animating force 0Item21%
a golem motive prism 0Item21%
Nutty Chocolate Bar 0Item20%
golem hard candy 0Item5%
glimmering stone fragment 0Item2%
a chunk of alabaster 0Item1%
Far Seas Direct Requisition Order CVS0431 0Item1%
Far Seas Direct Requisition Order CVS0276 0Item1%
Gnoll Hide Buckler 13Shield0.4308%
tanned leather tunic 9Armor0.4308%
Runewood Buckler 6Shield0.4308%
tanned leather gloves 8Armor0.4308%
Moth Eaten Pantaloons 13Armor0.4308%
tanned leather bracers 9Armor0.4308%
Blackened Iron Tulwar 10Weapon0.4308%
bone cudgel 8Weapon0.4308%
tanned leather skullcap 9Armor0.4308%
tanned leather boots 8Armor0.4308%
roughspun fist wraps 9Weapon0.4308%
Spidersilk Gown 8Armor0.4308%
tanned leather shoulder pads 16Armor0.4308%
Notched Leather Belt 17Accessory0.1077%
Coral Adorned Collar 6Accessory0.1077%
iron stiletto 15Weapon0.1077%
snake fang bangle 9Accessory0.1077%
Worn Silver Bracelet 9Accessory0.1077%
Gnollish Torque 11Accessory0.1077%
iron halberd 12Weapon0.1077%
crooked staff 10Weapon0.1077%
cracked maple wand 12Weapon0.1077%
roughspun scarf 13Accessory0.1077%
Miner's Ring 12Accessory0.1077%
coral ring 10Accessory0.1077%
precision shortbow 10Weapon0.1077%