Cramnon Spirittalker  

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Zone:Eastern Wastes
Classifications:Humanoid, Living, Orc, Organic, Rygorr Orc, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Animist's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Animist's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Animist's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Animist's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Animist's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Animist's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Archon's Reconstructing Barbute 90Armor
Archon's Reconstructing Gauntlets 90Armor
Archon's Reconstructing Greaves 90Armor
Archon's Reconstructing Pauldrons 90Armor
Archon's Reconstructing Sabatons 90Armor
Archon's Reconstructing Vambraces 90Armor
Augur's Prophetic Bands 90Armor
Augur's Prophetic Epaulets 90Armor
Augur's Prophetic Hood 90Armor
Augur's Prophetic Leggings 90Armor
Augur's Prophetic Mitts 90Armor
Augur's Prophetic Shoes 90Armor
Bangle of the Fulgurator 90Accessory
Beguiler's Prophetic Bands 90Armor
Beguiler's Prophetic Epaulets 90Armor
Beguiler's Prophetic Hood 90Armor
Beguiler's Prophetic Leggings 90Armor
Beguiler's Prophetic Mitts 90Armor
Beguiler's Prophetic Shoes 90Armor
Belt of Falling Stones 90Accessory
Blood Lord's Prodigious Barbute 90Armor
Blood Lord's Prodigious Gauntlets 90Armor
Blood Lord's Prodigious Greaves 90Armor
Blood Lord's Prodigious Pauldrons 90Armor
Blood Lord's Prodigious Sabatons 90Armor
Blood Lord's Prodigious Vambraces 90Armor
Bow of Crushing Onslaught 90Weapon
Bracelet of the Prime Tribunus 90Accessory
Brute's Prodigious Arm Wraps 90Armor
Brute's Prodigious Breeches 90Armor
Brute's Prodigious Foot Wraps 90Armor
Brute's Prodigious Hand Wraps 90Armor
Brute's Prodigious Skullcap 90Armor
Brute's Prodigious Wrist Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Prodigious Arm Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Prodigious Breeches 90Armor
Cenobite's Prodigious Foot Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Prodigious Hand Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Prodigious Skullcap 90Armor
Cenobite's Prodigious Wrist Wraps 90Armor
Darkblade's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Darkblade's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Darkblade's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Darkblade's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Darkblade's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Darkblade's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Elementalist's Prophetic Bands 90Armor
Elementalist's Prophetic Epaulets 90Armor
Elementalist's Prophetic Hood 90Armor
Elementalist's Prophetic Leggings 90Armor
Elementalist's Prophetic Mitts 90Armor
Elementalist's Prophetic Shoes 90Armor
Exarch's Reconstructing Barbute 90Armor
Exarch's Reconstructing Gauntlets 90Armor
Exarch's Reconstructing Greaves 90Armor
Exarch's Reconstructing Pauldrons 90Armor
Exarch's Reconstructing Sabatons 90Armor
Exarch's Reconstructing Vambraces 90Armor
Finely Stitched Iceshard Satchel 90Weapon
Forest Scion's Reconstructing Bracers 90Armor
Forest Scion's Reconstructing Cap 90Armor
Forest Scion's Reconstructing Gloves 90Armor
Forest Scion's Reconstructing Moccasins 90Armor
Forest Scion's Reconstructing Pants 90Armor
Forest Scion's Reconstructing Shoulder Pads 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Frosted Iceshard 90Shield
Gambler's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Gambler's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Gambler's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Gambler's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Gambler's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Gambler's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Hangandr's Lightning Etched Chain 90Accessory
Invoker's Prophetic Bands 90Armor
Invoker's Prophetic Epaulets 90Armor
Invoker's Prophetic Hood 90Armor
Invoker's Prophetic Leggings 90Armor
Invoker's Prophetic Mitts 90Armor
Invoker's Prophetic Shoes 90Armor
Knight's Prodigious Barbute 90Armor
Knight's Prodigious Gauntlets 90Armor
Knight's Prodigious Greaves 90Armor
Knight's Prodigious Pauldrons 90Armor
Knight's Prodigious Sabatons 90Armor
Knight's Prodigious Vambraces 90Armor
Leather Binding Strap 90Accessory
Longbow of the Emissarius 90Weapon
Maestro's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Maestro's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Maestro's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Maestro's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Maestro's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Maestro's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Myrmidon's Prodigious Barbute 90Armor
Myrmidon's Prodigious Gauntlets 90Armor
Myrmidon's Prodigious Greaves 90Armor
Myrmidon's Prodigious Pauldrons 90Armor
Myrmidon's Prodigious Sabatons 90Armor
Myrmidon's Prodigious Vambraces 90Armor
Occultist's Prophetic Bands 90Armor
Occultist's Prophetic Epaulets 90Armor
Occultist's Prophetic Hood 90Armor
Occultist's Prophetic Leggings 90Armor
Occultist's Prophetic Mitts 90Armor
Occultist's Prophetic Shoes 90Armor
Spiked Girdle of the Idol 90Accessory
Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Boots 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Chausses 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Coif 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Cuffs 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Spaulders 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Reconstructing Wristguard 90Armor
Steel Bracelet of Crushing Surge 90Accessory
Stormbringer's Reconstructing Bracers 90Armor
Stormbringer's Reconstructing Cap 90Armor
Stormbringer's Reconstructing Gloves 90Armor
Stormbringer's Reconstructing Moccasins 90Armor
Stormbringer's Reconstructing Pants 90Armor
Stormbringer's Reconstructing Shoulder Pads 90Armor
Symbol of Iceshard 90Shield
Thaumaturge's Prophetic Bands 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Prophetic Epaulets 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Prophetic Hood 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Prophetic Leggings 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Prophetic Mitts 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Prophetic Shoes 90Armor
Thug's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Thug's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Thug's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Thug's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Thug's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Thug's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Virtuoso's Lacerating Boots 90Armor
Virtuoso's Lacerating Chausses 90Armor
Virtuoso's Lacerating Coif 90Armor
Virtuoso's Lacerating Cuffs 90Armor
Virtuoso's Lacerating Spaulders 90Armor
Virtuoso's Lacerating Wristguard 90Armor
Warlord's Prodigious Barbute 90Armor
Warlord's Prodigious Gauntlets 90Armor
Warlord's Prodigious Greaves 90Armor
Warlord's Prodigious Pauldrons 90Armor
Warlord's Prodigious Sabatons 90Armor
Warlord's Prodigious Vambraces 90Armor
Wraith's Reconstructing Boots 90Armor
Wraith's Reconstructing Chausses 90Armor
Wraith's Reconstructing Coif 90Armor
Wraith's Reconstructing Cuffs 90Armor
Wraith's Reconstructing Spaulders 90Armor
Wraith's Reconstructing Wristguard 90Armor
Zek Adorning Sash 90Accessory