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put down
Offers the Quest
Put Down

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
A Wailing Spirit24-25   ^ ^ HeroicThe Cauldron HollowNo0.300%
A Forest Leaper21-23   -Nektulos ForestNo0.300%
A Wailing Spirit24-25   ^ ^ HeroicThe Cauldron HollowNo0.300%
A Firelight Shriller23   -Nektulos ForestNo0.2833%
An Elder Ash Owlbear23-25   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektulos ForestNo0.2833%
A Mottled Kodiak28-30   -Nektulos ForestNo0.2833%
A Shadowed Man24-25   -Nektulos ForestNo0.2833%
A Cave Bear24-27   ^Nektulos ForestNo0.2833%
A Vile Scoundrel25-26   ^ ^ HeroicThe Cauldron HollowNo0.200%
A Nightfall Shaman30   ^Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
Lord J'Narus29   ^Nektulos ForestYes0.200%
A Rotheart Treant26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Dragoon Sentinel26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Dragoon Captain26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
Warlord J'Narus29   ^Nektulos ForestYes0.200%
A Blacktimber Treant26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Vile Witchdoctor25-26   ^ ^ HeroicThe Cauldron HollowNo0.200%
A Dusk Dart21-22   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Nightfall Giant25-27   ^Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Mist Grinnin Savage25   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Vengeful Soul28-30   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
Dragoon E`Brona27   ^Nektulos ForestYes0.200%
A Deathbloom Treant29-30   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Gul'Thex Lieutenant27   v v vNektulos ForestNo0.200%
Captain D'Lex27   ^Nektulos ForestYes0.200%
Vorr22   ^Nektulos ForestYes0.200%
A Nerius Snapper21-22   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Dragoon Lieutenant26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
Dragoon J`Rais23   ^Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Leatherfoot Tracker28-30   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Dragoon Patrolman24-26   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Witchbone Skeleton23-24   ^ ^ HeroicThe Cauldron HollowNo0.200%
A Vile Summoner25-26   ^ ^ HeroicThe Cauldron HollowNo0.200%
A Nerius Scoundrel24   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
Rulinthus29-30   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Quetzanek26-28   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Leatherfoot Trickster28-30   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Dragoon Sentry24-26   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
A Rotting Follower Of Grelkor23-25   v v   to   -Nektulos ForestNo0.200%
Dragoon X`Lottl21-24   ^Nektulos ForestNo0.200%