Bootstrutter's Field Guide to Antonica  

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Bootstrutter's Field Guide to Antonica
Offers the Quest
A Tour of Antonica

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
A Necrosis Shrew19-20   ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Tribal Elder13   ^AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Youth12   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Sabertooth Healer14-15   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Shaman14-16   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Mongrel16   -AntonicaNo1.500%
The Darkpaw Fanglord19   ^AntonicaYes1.500%
A Darkpaw Mystic10-12   v v   to   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Mystic12   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Sabertooth Champion11-12   ^AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Pack Leader12   ^AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Soldier14   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Sabertooth Warrior14-15   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Darkpaw Youth10-12   v v   to   -AntonicaNo1.500%
A Necrosis Conscript19-20   ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo1.500%
A Necrosis Auger19-20   ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaNo1.500%
A Sabertooth Mongrel16-18   v v   to   -AntonicaNo1%
A Darkpaw Youth11   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Neophyte12   -AntonicaNo1%
A Klicnik Prince16   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Warpack Captain16-18   -AntonicaYes1%
A Klicnik Warrior14-15   -AntonicaNo1%
A Vengeful Splitpaw Mangler15   v v vAntonicaNo1%
A Cavemaw Tunneler16-17   v v v   to   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Battler18-19   -AntonicaNo1%
A Darkpaw Brute17-18   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Runt12-14   -AntonicaNo1%
A Vengeful Splitpaw Defiler15   vAntonicaYes1%
A Sabertooth Shaman16-17   -AntonicaNo1%
A Tamed Rumbler16-17   v v vAntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Elder18-19   -AntonicaNo1%
A Cavemaw Tamer16-17   v v v   to   -AntonicaNo1%
A Vengeful Bloodsaber Brigand15   v v v   to   v v vAntonicaNo1%
A Cavemaw Rock Melter16-17   v v v   to   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Rune Caster16-18   v   to   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Healer14   -AntonicaNo1%
A Darkpaw Rune Caster17-18   -AntonicaNo1%
A Darkpaw War Leader16   -AntonicaYes1%
A Vengeful Bloodsaber Thief15   v v vAntonicaNo1%
A Darkpaw Mystic11   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Battler16-17   -AntonicaNo1%
A Vengeful Splitpaw Mauler15   v v vAntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Warlock16-18   v vAntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Pack Lord20   ^AntonicaYes1%
Animator Rotpaw15   -AntonicaYes1%
A Sabertooth Warrior14   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Sentinel11   -AntonicaYes1%
A Vengeful Bloodsaber Defiler15   vAntonicaYes1%
A Sabertooth Neophyte12-14   -AntonicaNo1%
A Sabertooth Runt12   -AntonicaNo1%
A Disturbed Ancestor17   v v v   to   v v vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Thicket Lizard15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Rabid Bat14   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Dark Coven Witch16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Young Kodiak15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Crewman15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sea Turtle14-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Caltorsis Backripper18   v vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Pig2   v vAntonicaNo0.200%
An Earth Burrower16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Caltorsis Cleric18-19   v   to   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Windstalker Constable17   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Grime Covered Savage16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Crimson Falcon13-14   vAntonicaNo0.200%
An Oar Grappler15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Mutated Rat15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Moat Rat8-11   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Lowland Viper8-11   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sand Lurker14-15   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Pike12-13   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Thorn Briar16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Scarecrow1   v v vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Darkclaw Crab16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Klicnik Scurrier12-13   -AntonicaNo0.200%
Riason Hanagom15-16   ^ ^ HeroicAntonicaYes0.200%
A Necrosis Conscript18-19   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Grime Covered Savage16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Perch11-12   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sabertooth Runt10-11   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Restless Caltorsite17   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sodden Skeleton18-19   vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Grizzled Badger14   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Defiled Squire17-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sabertooth Neophyte10-11   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Wandering Bat8-12   -AntonicaNo0.200%
An Earthcrawler13   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Haze Kodiak Cub16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Necrosis Shrew18-19   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Caltorsis Protector18   v vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Giant Bear19-20   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sabertooth Battler15-17   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Lowland Badger8-13   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Highwayman17   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sparrow-hawk8-13   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Klicnik Worker14   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Necrosis Auger18-19   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Windstalker Lumberjack16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Red Tailed Hawk15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Sogbone Skeleton13-14   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Bloodsaber Seditionist18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Barracuda10-11   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Thistle Viper16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Pond Glider8-9   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Cow4   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Manta Ray12-14   -AntonicaNo0.200%
An Enraged Wolf15   vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Medic15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Timber Wolf14-15   -AntonicaNo0.200%
An Earth Rumbler16-18   v   to   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Young Timber Wolf11-12   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Giant Kodiak20   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Gunner15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Giant Bat16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Gnoll Assassin1   v v vAntonicaNo0.200%
A Cistern Worm Pupa15-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Granitescale Basilisk20   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Klicnik Mite8-10   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Dark Coven Conjuror16-18   -AntonicaNo0.200%
A Coldwind Octopus14-16   -AntonicaNo0.200%
Lurk Rotpaw1   v v vAntonicaYes0.200%
A Lake Trout15-17   -AntonicaNo0.200%