The Wall  

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The Wall
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The items in this collection can all be found by collecting ground-spawn fluttering pages with a ! over them (and often as mob drops or in objects) in the zones listed unless noted differently below in the list of Items in this Collection.

When the collection is complete, you can turn it in to any Collector NPC for your reward and a very nice chunk of experience.

Items in this Collection

These are found in Rivervale, Runnyeye, and The Enchanted Lands.

  • The Wall - Page 4 is a clickable overturned cart outside the door to Camp Ghobber at -768, -5, -957.4 in The Enchanted Lands
  • The Wall - Page 5 Ground spawn, 13.33, -1.52, 122.85 Near Lamias on the beach, and ground spawn at 24, -2, 121
  • The Wall - Page 6: No-trade from a Lamia Deathsinger, also found near shore at -19, -2.82, -1121 amd as a ground spawn at 25.82,54,1113
  • The Wall - Page 10: Found on the "Island of Pine Trees" and around -951, 0, -662
  • The Wall - Page 11: Found as a ground spawn at 32, -2, -1123 near Glittering Mine.
  • The Wall - Page 12

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