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A Yellow Shiny
A Yellow Shiny
A Blue Shiny
A Blue Shiny
A Red Shiny
A Red Shiny
In EverQuest II, a "shiny" is a collectible ground spawn which contains a Collection Quest item. They are called shinies because their graphic is shiny and animated. They are also referred to as ? nodes because there is a ? over the node where a mob name might be.

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Shiny Types

Shinies come in four colors:

  • Yellow - "Normal" nodes.
  • Blue - Hidden nodes which require having Expert Recognition Goggles (Gnomish Collection Goggles or Kunark Expert Adventurer Goggles) equipped in order to see the shiny. The contents will be Treasured and they usually have a coveted reward.
  • Red - Hidden nodes which require having the Earring of the Solstice equipped in order to see the shiny. This means you must be a level 80 crafter with your Tradeskill Epic to get these shinies. The contents of these shinies are Lore.
  • Purple - Purple shinies are seen for some TSO faction missions and are used for collections from Live Events.

Tutorial Text

The <Harvesting and Collections> NPC in new character areas has this to say about shinies:

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