eq2 zone:The Dreadcutter (Advanced Solo)  


Level  (Solo)
Access Shades of Drinal: Dreadcutter at World's End
Starting Zone Obol Plains
Required by all? No
Success3 days
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

Enter the Dreadcutter via a small platform at the end of the Dreary Landing dock in Obol Plains at 63, 13, 962 .

Zone Walkthrough (Advanced Solo)

  1. Head down the steps and clear straight north through the guards. Kill Mugulg, the Quartermaster (96^^) near the Quarterdeck.
  2. Continue north and in the Ship's Mess you'll need to fight Chef Blarghrot (96^^). His special attack is Nausea, which can hit for up to ~11k damage.
  3. Leave the mess hall and work your way up to the north. Clear the level before taking the stairs up again.
  4. At the top is Captain Goldjaw (96^^). He has a few heavy hitting damage abilities.
  5. Quest: Shades of Drinal: Dreadcutter at World's End - loot the Sea Chest Key from the Captain's body. Then click on the chest in the Captain's room at -13, 34, -102 .
  6. On the deck is the final boss, The Tempest of Zek (96^^), a waterspout around 0.71, 12, -9 . This is a fairly straight-forward fight and can be easily kited. Occasionally it will make the area around you electrify--if this happens get out of the huge yellow circle.
  7. The exit to the zone is a portal at -6, 24, 77 .

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