eq2 zone:Temple of the Faceless: Imprisonment (Advanced Solo)  


Level  (Solo)
Access Shades of Drinal: Skies of Red
Starting Zone The Eidolon Jungle
Required by all? No
Success3 days
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

Enter at The Temple of Cazic Thule at -2163, 222, 768 in The Eidolon Jungle.

Zone Walkthrough

  1. Destroy the statue at -328, 14, 216 .
  2. Destroy the statue at -482, 14, 216 .
  3. Named: Sarinich (96^), wanders around -419, 15, 216 . He will have the buff "Fear Shield" (Sarinich is protected by the power of his deity!) if you do not destroy the two statues first. Without the buff he's a normal tank & spank. (updates the quest Fortunes Turned)
  4. You will now have a 3 day reuse timer on the zone.
  5. Kill all the shiverbacks and lizardmen you see at this point or they will attack during the next named fight.
  6. The teleporters to the north are now activated. Take one at either -457, 16, 159 or -353, 16, 161 .
  7. Clear the path to Baroddas (96^), who is at -404, 38, 265 . Normal tank & spank; at 50% health he will become angry and have increased DPS. (updates the quest Fortunes Turned)
  8. The gate to the north will now be open.
  9. Clear the room and kill Phobis (96^). He has two special abilities: Goop Spray (strength/attack speed reduction, poison DoT) and Slime Skin (damage shield with 10% chance for AoE interrupt). He will teleport between the circles on the outside parts of the floor; if you have a good ranged attack you can simply fight him at range.
  10. Quest: Unexpected Ally - The Staff of Fright can be found in this room at -418, 56, -33 .
  11. Enter the waterfall at -405, 57, -38 and swim down.
  12. Quest: Fortunes Turned - The lower temple ground update occurs at -404, -2, -105 , at the edge of the river.
  13. Quest: Unexpected Ally - The Staff of the Wastes can be found nearby at -360.65, -13.10, -305.28 . This is on the ground at the left (west) side of the left (west) pillar on the entrance to the bridge that leads to the zone boss.
  14. Kill all of the pained wretches (eyeballs) in this area, otherwise they will attack you during the boss fight.
  15. Head all the way north to the Steps of Fear. When you approach the center, Venekor will spawn and fly in. He is a 96^^ Shadowknight. (updates the quest Fortunes Turned)
  16. Quest: Fortunes Turned - Speak to Venekor's Shade.


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