eq2 zone:Nexus Core (Advanced Solo)  


Level 103 (Solo)
Success3 days
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

Enter Nexus Core at 301, 160, -195 on Daarspire in Vesspyr Isles.

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Zone Walkthrough

  1. Click on ball in center of room 0,0,0 to make mobs attackable
  2. Kill the 4 sets of 2 ethereal automatons and the 4 flying aerial purifiers
  3. Kill Luminox
    • Fight on one side of room and when red text "The Core Guardian plants its feet as it prepares to fire a volly of short-range missles!". The best way to avoid the missiles is to be on the other side of the central orb when they go off. They get destroyed in its downdraft. Alternatively, the drones cannot cross the entire east-west width of the room. If you fight him on one side, and run to the far other side, the missiles will not reach you.
  4. Click on ball in center again so you can get to the other 3 rooms
  5. Head West, clear room of trash and kill The Amalgam of Energy
    • At 75% health, he will emote "The Amalgam of Energy's core begins to overload! You can feel energy being ripped from the very air around you!"
      • 2 Energy Globules will spawn - kill them before they reach The Amalgam of Energy or they will heal him
    • At 50% health, he will emote again
      • 4 Energy Globules will spawn - kill them
    • At 25% health, he will emote again
      • 6 Energy Globules will spawn - kill them
    • Kill The Amalgam of Energy
  6. Head to the North room, clear room of trash and kill the Energy Delivery Module first and then the Force Absorption Module
    • Occasionally you will see the red text "The Tank Module manipulates its magnetic field, attempting to whip you toward its energized companion!"
    • When you see the red text, run behind The Energy Delivery Module - his AOE is frontal and you will be safe behind him (don't try to run away...you can't get far enough)
  7. Now head to the East room
    • Use a death-prevent or similar (my SK used "Hateful Respite", which absorbs damage > 25%), and run through the gauntlet of spinning blade guys and kill the bladed custodian that follows you.
    • Use a death-prevent again while you kill the swarms of rippers - Don't let them get to you or you will take lots of damage (range them if you can)
    • As you fight Maligned Gyro, he will periodically spawn adds
    • This is a VERY EASY fight if you pull the named to one of the back side corners and wedge yourself in the corner. If you are in the corner, the adds won't hit you so you can just Tank-n-Spank the named.
  8. Go back to the center room and kill Luminox Prime
    • Always fight him on one side of the room so you will have the entire length of the room for safety when he shoots his missiles
    • Periodically, you will see the red text "Luminox rends the space around you, separating the light from the dark!"
      • When this happens, joust to the other side of room
      • Balls of black and yellow will spawn around the room and Luminox will fire missles
      • The yellow balls will speed you up and the black balls will slow you down (so avoid them)
    • You may also see red text saying "Luminox firmly plants its feet as it charges up a massive blast of energy!""
      • He is about to use the laser blast that the Energy Delivery Module used - run behind him


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