eq2 zone:Harrow's End: Baleful Dominion (Heroic)  


Level  (Solo)
Access Shades of Drinal: Fate's Crusade
Starting Zone Obol Plains
Required by all? No
Success90 minutes
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

Entering requires a group member to have progressed Shades of Drinal: Fate's Crusade. The entrance is at 446, 33, 512 in Obol Plains.

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Melanie Everling

Take down the 2 adds (linked Soulwells) first.

Construct of Souls

Get out of the circles.


Grab the adds, dps the boss, repeat the same in 3 rooms, he ports around a bit.


  • The floor has 2 colored quadrants (blue and red) and accordingly colored glass-tubes with fluid.
  • Fight the boss at the quadrant where he stands first. When one set of tubes runs out of colored fluid, move to the other quadrant.
  • You should be able to finish him here. if not, watch the tubes and move him back to his starting position.
  • The tubes slowly refill, so if you don't have good dps you will have to move between the 2 ever faster...

Oligar of the Dead

  1. Oligar will at times "face" a groupmember (red text). This person must joust away, group must stay out of line-of-sight between the two (he will turn towards the person).
  2. at ~70% 3 statues will pop. Kill the right one first (memwipe until down!), then the center statue (dunno why).
  3. dps Oligar until defeated (he or you).


  • Once you teleport into his tower, don't move. He has big aggro range, wait for your group to be ready.
  • During this fight (dunno when exactly) one group member will get a non-curable elemental detriment from Drinal, this person HAS TO MOVE AWAY FROM THE GROUP until it fades away, or it will start a chain of massive AOEs and Power Drains
  • Step on the lift, and take him down to 50%, but make sure your big-hitting DPS is ready for later! the lift will then ascend to the top - unleash hell now!
  • On top of the tower, directly target the boss, and make sure tank grabs all adds that may pop
  • Get out of red circles and cones!
  • INTERRUPT DISSOLVING SPIRIT! It's a death-touch instant kill.
  • Sometimes he does a nasty power-leech AOE (temporal Soulleech?) - good to have some tinkered Manastones etc. handy for that.
  • Don't know anything else, probably cure stuff. feel free to update and expand this info! thanks

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