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EverQuest II
Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

[Scales] Special Delivery (Solo)
Category: Frostfell Wonderland Village
To start:


Jarith has been dreaming about a sad gnome child, and wants to give her a gift. But he needs your help.

  1. Go to the portal to the Frostfell Workshop at 39.35, -4.83, -1181.40 and enter.
  2. Enter the workshop and speak to Meg Gingersnap at -14.61, 4.36, -53.91 . Fetch the snowglobe she built off the table next to her.
  3. Go to the basement of the workshop and speak to Jarith. He'll give you a Frostfell return token and tell you to use the giant snowglobe to transport yourself to the gift's recipient.
  4. Use the globe to transport to the Maldura Steamworks Sublevel. There you'll find a whole bunch of an immolated invader scaled to your level. Invisibility won't trick them, so you'll have to fight your way through them down the stairs, to the right, and down the ramp to the bottom.
  5. Speak to Sira Cogtree about the present. Since she's obviously got bigger problems than a gift, you'll give her your return token to escape.
  6. Make your way back to the entrance and use it to return to the Frostfell Wonderland Village, or exit by whatever means you have and go there on foot.
  7. Return to the Frostfell Workshop and speak to Jarith.

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