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I need to earn the rank of Brokenskull deckhand and then speak with a Brokenskull in charge of the sokokar, Head Groomer Marrithex.

Each of the following quests will have Good and Evil choices, although the differences are purely story-based. The rewards will be the same and either choice will get you to the same result.

It would be a good idea to do quests at Gunthak's Shanty and around Brokenskull Rock while you have the Brokenskull Disguise!

  1. Complete the sub-quest, Prove Ye Be a Swabber!, from Grak Liversplat ( 1059,123,701 ) within Brokenskull Loft. To reach Grak, go back to the place you found the sokokar tags, and then cross the bridges to reach the entrance to the cave. Follow the cave until it forks, and turn left toward the hanging lanterns. Once you're standing below them, turn to the right and follow the tunnel upward. You'll know you've found the correct tunnel when you pass piles of gold coins.
  2. Complete 4 sub-quests from Scabby Gabby ( 769, 71, 753 ) within Brokenskull Loft. You can only request one task at a time.
  3. Speak to Head Groomer Marrithex ( 455, 42, 1198 ) to learn what the Brokenskull are up to with the sokokar, then kill her.
  4. Return to Fip Marrsquire

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