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EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[95] Religious Studies (Solo)
Category: The Obol Plains
To Start: Speak to Venox Tarkog in Obol Plains.

Speak to Venox Tarkog at 219.36, 79.85, -47.35 in Obol Plains to begin this quest.

  1. Recover 6 totems from feral lujien, found north of Venox (uncommon auto-update).
  2. Return to Venox.
  3. Speak to Elder Direfur to the south.
  4. Speak to Elder Brokenfang at 254, 88, 52 .
  5. Speak to Lunar Sky at 248, 92, 97 .
  6. Kill the now-feral diviner. You'll get a broken lujien totem.
  7. Return to Venox Tarkog to complete the quest.

Venox's next quest will be available after you finish helping Deema and Duskrender.

Convenient Conversion Obol Plains
Quest Series
Sanctuary of the Devoted
Search of Scales
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