eq2 quest:Quenching the Parched  

EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[101] Quenching the Parched (Solo)
Category: Vesspyr Isles
To start:

Speak to Wuoshi at -599, 379, 623 on Aeterna Gardens within the Vesspyr Isles to begin this quest.

  1. Walk into the pond next to Wuoshi to gather some water.
  2. Head to the smaller isle of Aeterna around -507, 332, 187 . The third batch is at the bottom at -536.44, 260.42, 172.18 on the lower level.
  3. There are several groups of flowers on this isle to water. Each group has four flowers. You'll have to return to the pond to get more water after every four flowers; do this until you water 12 total.
  4. Return to Wuoshi to complete the quest.

Thirsty Flowers
Thirsty Flowers


  • Coin

Agent of Growth Vesspyr Isles
Quest Series
Aeterna Gardens
The Purity of Growth
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