eq2 quest:Qeynos Catacombs Creature Catalog  

This quest is initiated by reading the book of the same name. This book can be purchased from Sage Indis Surion in South Qeynos (in the Mage's Tower).

This quest involves using the catalog skill on various creatures in the Down Below, Vermin's Snye and Crypt of Betrayal.

Down Below

  • Rabid Shriller (common)
  • Tomb Forager (common)
  • Creeper Protector (Rare)
  • Rotting Royal (Semi-Rare)
  • Putrid Vermin (Semi-Rare)

Vermin's Snye

  • Rabid Shriller (common)
  • Grave scourious? (common)
  • Giant Burrower (common)
  • Crumbling Tomb Guard (common)

Crypt of Betrayal

  • Ire Minion (fairly common)
  • Agonized Essence - In the lowest part of the Crypt

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