eq2 quest:Qeynos Bounty: Dread Pirate Bertsto (Qeynos Citizenship Faction)  

This is another Qeynos Bounty quest, designed to raise faction with Qeynos for Citizenship.

It starts by talking to Gil McMartin in the Commonlands, just outside the West Freeport gate.

Gil sends you to kill Dread Pirate Bertsto in the Naythex Pirate area near the Nektulos Docks. He is a single up arrow mob that will spawn at the level of the quest holder. He spawns near 556,2,-84 on the beach to the south of the Nektulos Docks. Once killed, return to Gil McMartin to collect your bounty.

OOC Bertsto is an anagram for Roberts, a reference to the character The Dread Pirate Roberts, from the movie The Princess Bride.

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