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EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[92] Proper Direction (Solo)
Category: The Eidolon Jungle
To start:

Speak to Riishu Sulrel at -147, 14, 184 at the entrance camp in The Eidolon Jungle to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to the three lost souls in the Eidolon Undergrowth. Choose the correct dialogue choices.
    • Jelik: -80, 6, 11
      • Choose Why? Why can't you stand?
      • Choose And how do you feel now?
      • Choose I'm afraid not. You've come to Ethernere. The sickness has overcome your mortal self.
      • Choose There is a group of people just near here that might be able to help you understand your new world. Seek them out.
    • Clurrg: 118, 18, 21
      • Choose What was the last thing you were doing?
      • Choose Tell me what happened next.
      • Choose You fought bravely, and you will be remembered on Norrath.
      • Choose There you are. Welcome back. Yes, you are in Ethernere now. There is a camp not far from here that can provide you with some safety. Seek them out.
    • Fellia Groundroot: 164, -6, 263
      • Choose In a manner of speaking. Tell me about yours.
      • Choose Only you can answer that.
      • Choose Did it attack you?
      • Choose Indeed. You have come to Ethernere.
      • Choose There is a camp nearby where you might be able to find shelter. Seek it out.
  2. Return to Riishu to complete the quest.

Dearly Departed Eidolon Jungle
Quest Series
Lightshadow Contingent
Stronger Than Death
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