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EverQuest II
Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012
[scales] Pride without Prejudice (Solo)
Category: The City of Qeynos
To start: ( 684, -20, 223 )
You must be at least Level 1 to start this quest.


Seeing some Kerra run into Starcrest, Maareona Ludimintium sends you, with the hallowed touch crystal, back to Starcrest Commune to help.

  1. Return to Starcrest Commune through the South Qeynos gate.
  2. Investigate the Kerra: Approach Zentomaron Croosinaden at 713, -20, 263 near the entrance. He points you to a meeting between the Kerra and Erudites at 804, -20, 291 .
  3. Listen to the meeting (prompt the conversation)
  4. Enter the waterway south of the Qeynos Gate (in Starcrest). The entrance to the waterway is at 718, -20, 323 .
  5. Slay the undead there. All of them,
  6. Throw the hallowed touch crystal into the portal by clicking the portal.
  7. Return to Maareona Ludimintium .

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