eq2 quest:Preventative Maintenance (OotO)  

This quest is given by Tayil N'Velex. She will refer you to Assassin Vamir to the west of the gates.

Vamir asks you to slay 4 Wilderbears in the Wilderwood. After doing this return to Vamir.

He will then give you some Hawk Bait. This has 5 charges. You can use this to lay down some bait underneath the Cliffdiver Hawks in Cliffdiver Canyon, to the west of Vamir. You will notice they are perched high on the cliffs. Lay down some bait (right click and select to release the mole rat) near them and they will swoop down so that you can kill them. You must do this quickly as once the mole rat is dead they will fly away again. You must kill three hawks and then return to Vamir. If you run out of bait you can speak to Vamir to receive more.

After doing this return to Vamir. He will give you a Letter to Tayil. Reading this letter opens up the next quest in the series.

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