eq2 quest:Plain 'Ole Disease  

Hanif needs you to collect a few things for him to aid in his studies:

  • 2 mandibles from stone beetles. Find some around 158.29, -42.21, 19.21
  • 2 riverbank mushrooms from the banks of Dog Trapper Lake
    • Sample location: 81.81, -47.05, -805.64
  • 3 festering skins from scourge rats. Find some around -1.88, -34.32, 19.69

Return to Hanif with the supplies.

Administer the medicine he mixes to the two worst off in the camp: Durio Caepo (standing by the fire in the center of the leper camp) and to Galla Lentulatent (inside one of the tents).

Go back to Hanif and tell him of the visions the lepers have been having. He'd like to study this, but needs some material from Lucretias Domna.

Lucretias near 113, -48, -195 needs you to kill the nearby zombies to obtain 7 sinews. Get them and Lucretias gives you The Dissertation of Affliction and a piece of Pusling Flesh for Hanif.

Return to Hanif with the Dissertation and Flesh for your reward.

Quest Series

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