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EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[103] Paranoia (Heroic)
Category: Heritage
To start: ( -100, -75, -31 )

  • At least 1 25 

This is part of the "Bloody Shank" Heritage Quest Series.

  1. Captain Boshinko has asked that I kill a 'rat' in the larder. He seems to be insinuating that I take care of something else, but I will check it out anyway.
    • Kill Gnawbone at -116.82,-132.19,-30.36
      • Pay attention to the red script message that pops periodically through the fight!!! When you see it use the crouch command (default "z" on the keyboard), IMMEDIATELY.. If you fail to do so in time, you are one-shot dead. Sit will not work.
  2. Return to Captain Boshinko
  3. Captain Boshinko now requests you kill a "guard in the shadows". Kill Horrot the Horrific -50.00,-56.56,-10.82 then return to Captain Boshinko.
  4. He tells you that you were too late and he is now under investigation by the Committee; of course, you now need to kill them. Kill Ryvast, Kill Trysk, and Kill Nymeer.
  5. Destroy any evidence they may have collected against Captain Boshinko - 12 clicky pages on the ground in the Globe room.
  6. Place evidence in Higginsbot's old jail cell
    • This is the same cell that you end up in when Bigs the Big catches you in the original The Pickclaw Depths instance. Near -185,-141,-240
  7. Return to Captain Boshinko to complete this quest and pick up the next one.

High Keep The Bloodless Incursion
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Dereliction of Duty
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