eq2 quest:Natural Causes  

This is the first quest in the Oakmyst Forest progressional series.

You must collect poison samples from the following monsters in the Oakmyst Forest. Each is a random auto-updating drop:

  • A Clearwater Frog
  • A Young Mystail Rat
  • An Oakmyst Spider

Frogs are located in the general area of 962.1,2.50,-223.79 . they are all along the stream running SE from the pond in the middle of the forest. Spiders are nearby around 949.86,3.80,-218.71 . there are south of the pond and east of the river. The squirrels are easy to find...they are just east of the starting point. You have to kill multiple targets of each until you find a poison gland.

Bring these samples to Lieutenant Charlin to open up the "Cause for Investigation" quest.

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Cause for Investigation
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