eq2 quest:Mystery in the Underdepths  

EverQuest II
Game Update #63
April 17, 2012
[97] Mystery in the Underdepths (Heroic)
Category: Skyshrine: The Underdepths
To start:

  1. Kill Telkoran Crimsonmaw.
  2. Inspect Charayan's Body (in the room with the massive groups of drakes) to receive his aegis.
  3. Kill Theldek the Stinger.
  4. Kill Dagarn.
  5. Return to the entrance and speak to High Commander Vyrin to complete the quest.


  • 48g, 35s, 24c 
  • +3,000 Claws of Veeshan faction

Final Item for Jorlak Skyshrine
Quest Series
The Path of the Crusaders
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