eq2 quest:Mertshak's Search for a Bite  

EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[95] Mertshak's Search for a Bite (Solo)
Category: The Obol Plains
To Start: Speak to Deema Mertshak in Obol Plains.

Speak to Deema Mertshak at 231.24, 89.81, 86.02 in Obol Plains to begin this quest.

  1. Kill obol soulwings and gather mushrooms around 425.30, 76.80, -139.08 . Make sure you loot the body dropped Ether bat meat from the soulwings.
  2. Put the mushrooms into the meat by examining the mushroom item in your inventory.
  3. Return to Deema.
  4. Place the meat on a little stone at -5, 62, 170
  5. Hide at -3.28, 62.70, 147.86 and wait for your prey to eat it
  6. Bring the dazed feral lujien to Deema in a little cove at 172.37, 88.03, 96.06 so she can be bitten
  7. Kill the feral lujien.
  8. Speak to Deema Mertshak to complete the quest.

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

Convenient Conversion Obol Plains
Quest Series
Sanctuary of the Devoted
Lujien, not Lycan
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