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EverQuest II
[Scales] Merry Mischief (Solo)
Category: World Event
To start: ( 64, -35, -1626 )
You must be at least Level 1 to start this quest.


As of 2013 players must first complete A Deepice Mystery before this quest will be available.

Speak to Candice Cheriweth in Frostfell Wonderland Village near the stoves at 64, -35, -1626 to begin this quest.

This quest is repeatable once per year.

  1. Speak to Candice and tell her that you're ready to go when you want to zone into Cheriweth's Confectory.
    • This zone is a copy of the largest player home in New Halas.
  2. Clear out the main floor. Kill the gumdrops, gingerbread men and gingerdread men from the entrance room and the room immediately to the south (the kitchen).
  3. Speak to Candice in the kitchen at 41, 50, -139 .
  4. Go upstairs and fight through the mobs to collect the dough. Known locations (not always in the same spots):
    • 31, 57, -156 (in the hallway)
    • 27, 57, -171 (the room immediately east of the stairs)
    • 12, 57, -159 (near the fireplace in the room immediately east of the stairs)
    • 17, 57, -135 (second room to the east)
    • 31, 57, -132 (southern room)
    • 52, 57, -127 , 59, 58, -129 and 60, 58, -141 (far end of southern room)
  5. Return to Candice, who bakes you Crumbles.
  6. Clear your way to the basement. Take the portal at 53, 42, -165 .
    • This part of the zone is a replica of the New Halas dock area.
    • The attackable reindeer here can be tamed as a bovid warder by Beastlords.
  7. Follow the path down and kill Dilly Bittersweet and Billy Bittersweet.
  8. Take the return portal at 61, -112, -399 .
  9. Speak with Candice to complete the quest.

You can return to the Wonderland Village by clicking on the door of the home.


A Deepice Mystery Frostfell
Quest Series
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2012.

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