eq2 quest:Matching Tablets  

Vaerha thinks she's seen one particular tablet carried by a stonechest matron. She wonders what the significance of matching tablets is and wants you to show this tablet to one of the matrons.

Cross the bridge and turn east into the protected valley there. The stonchest gorrilas are non-aggressive, but the matrons are not! Continue to the east wall of the valley and you will find the stonchest matrons, with their young, spaced out along the wall.

One at a time, target a matron and creep forward until the tablet shows the matron is in range but you are still safely out of aggro range. Use the tablet from inventory or charm slot to show it to her. When you find one who recognizes the tablet she becomes friendly and will follow you for a time.

Report your results to Vaerha.

This series is left open at this point, as Vaerha tells you only to bring her anything you find that may point in the right direction. This would seem to indicate that there are more quests here, and there should be 2 more.

The Stonechest Tablets Timorous Deep
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