eq2 quest:Man-o-War  

EverQuest II
Game Update #66
Scars of the Awakened
April 30, 2013
[96] Man-o-War (Solo)
Category: Cobalt Scar
To start:

Speak to Merrik at 4270, -1079, 1444 in Cobalt Scar to begin this quest.

  1. Kill 5 Ulthork Man-o-Wars. They are generally found on top of the rocks around the beach.
    • Killing any other ulthork will cause this quest to go backward in progress.
    • You'll need to body pull the Man-o-Wars to avoid additional aggro.
    • You'll need to run off the aggro from the adds the Man-o-Wars summon during the fights.
    • If you have a mercenary with you, turn off protect and assist for this quest.
  2. Return to Merrik.
  3. You'll be pulled to an attacking zombie ulthork. Kill it, kill it again, then use the spear (quest bauble clicky) and kill it one final time.
  4. Return to Merrik to complete the quest.

On Edge Cobalt Scar
Quest Series
Forsaken Village
Merrik's Mission
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