eq2 quest:Malice in the Glade  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Malice in the Glade (Solo)
Category: Greater Faydark
To start: ( 135, 91, 489 )

Speak to Miriel Tawnyglade at 135, 91, 489 outside the House of Falling Stars within Kelethin in Greater Faydark to begin this quest.

Miriel Tawnyglade, a Feir'Dal citizen of Kelethin, is convinced that Tunare sent me to help the House of Falling Stars in their investigation of a dark presence that has wormed its way into places of Growth.

  1. Go to the entrance of Tunare's Glade at -258, 35, 342 in Greater Faydark. Kill the three Primordial Malice cultists at -155, 36, 450 .
  2. Return to Miriel
  3. Go to -1404, -19, -795 at the Ruins of Caltorsis in Antonica. Kill the three cultists and receive a cultist augmentation bone
  4. Go to -1005, 4, -299 , on an isle northeast of the druid ring, in the Enchanted Lands. Kill the three cultists and receive another bone
  5. Go to the World Tree in Everfrost. Gather the mysterious bauble at -635, -21, -313 .
  6. Return to Miriel in Greater Faydark
  7. Speak to Mathal Dewpetal at 271, 105, 413 inside Kelethin's Order of Arcane to complete the quest

Mathal Dewpetal, a member of Kelethin's Order of Arcane, confirmed that the Primordial Malice were present at the destruction within Everfrost, and more disturbing, the cultist bone I gave him revealed Lanys T'Vyl lives again! We still do not know what her zealots are searching for throughout Norrath.

Upon completion of the quest, Mathal recommends you take any more Primordial Malice Baubles you find to Aldaelon Rootbed. He is a merchant at 267, 110, 375 just outside the Order of Arcane in Greater Faydark, and sells a variety of appearance and house items, including some from the Druid Ring Reconstruction, Quellithulian Spire, and Void Storms events.


  • 27360 status  (at level 95)


Dialogue coming soon!

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Malicious Threat Prelude Event
This event launched on August 13, 2015 and concludes on September 16, 2015.

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