eq2 quest:Maid for the Mist - Part III  

This is the third and final part of the Enchanted Lands access quest. It is initiated by speaking to Captain Corrigan in the Maid for the Mist instanced zone. This occurs after completing Part II of the quest. If you haven't reached that point then you can find spoilers under related quests.

When your party is ready, speak to Captain Corrigan to initiate this quest. Make sure that your entire party is huddled near the Seamist Fairies, with the exception of your tank who should stand closer to the steps, but not downstairs on deck.

Once this quest initializes a ring event will begin. Large groups (10-20 monsters at a time) will spawn on the deck. You must defeat these groups. After each group you will have a few minutes to rest. Once again be sure to stick back by the Fairies. It is nearly impossbile to draw aggro off characters in this event. It is important to make sure that your tank gets all the aggro before anyone else.

The first three waves are level 27 foulmists. The next three waves are level 28 nightwretches. The final wave is a Group x 2 boss (Lord Zaavan) and his henchman. Even though the boss is tagged as a Group x 2 mob, you can defeat him with a single group of level 25 characters. Expect a very tough fight, however. This is not a trivial encounter by no means.

After defeating all of the waves you may speak with Captain Corrigan to be teleported to the Enchanted Lands. From then on you can ring the bell at the Nektulos to head there, or purchase a ticket in East Freeport or Qeynos Harbor to travel from there.

EDITOR's NOTE: You no longer need to complete this quest for access to Zek. If you decide to do the quest though you can visit Scholar Milnik at the docks in the Thundering Steppes for your choice of rewards in compensation.

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