eq2 quest:Mage Training  

This quest allows young mages to choose their first sub-class. It is given by Arcanist Sonius, out front of the Academy building in North Freeport.

The first task he will send you on is to collect 5 Useable Slimes from The Thieves' Way. Just kill slimes until you have five of them. Then return to Arcanist Sonius.

From there he will send you to see Aulus Crispian. The full name is Alchemist Aulus Crispian and he can be found in the alchemy/poison shop, which is just southeast of the Academy in ther shops area.

From there it's time to visit some NPCs, who are spread throughout Freeport:

Molg - Big Bend Reana Astia - Beggar's Court Skal Vethiz - Scale Yard

Return to Arcanist Sonius and answer his questions by saying "Elephant". You can then choose your class. Arcanist Sonius will then direct you to take care of some business concerning a couple of Seafury Buccaneers, found in NOrth Freeport behind Sonius. These buccaneers are red^ to a level 9 mage, so the trick is to convince Bulz the troll (red^^) to do your dirty work for you. Be sure to move to the front room during this fight. First Mate Sweesweg will spawn at the end of the fight and attack you. You can handle him no problem, but Bulz will add if you fight in the back room.

NOTE: You will not become your class until you hit level 10.

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