eq2 quest:Lujien, not Lycan  

EverQuest II
November 13, 2012
Game Update 65

[95] Lujien, not Lycan (Solo)
Category: The Obol Plains
To Start: Speak to Deema Mertshak in Obol Plains.

Speak to Deema Mertshak at 172.37, 88.03, 96.06 in Obol Plains to begin this quest.

  1. Speak to Venox Tarkog at 219.36, 79.85, -47.35
  2. Gather 7 moonstones in the Harrowing Horde valley ( 96, 41, -48 ) . They are white gemstones with a blue sparkle.
    • Each time you gather one you will be attacked by a member of the Horde.
  3. Return to Venox.
  4. Bring back the necklace to Deema in the alcove.
  5. The quest will auto-complete when she puts on the necklace

To be able to get the next quest from her, you'll have to finish Duskrender's quest Ascension Assistance. Deema will be back at the Sanctuary.


Mertshak's Search for a Bite Obol Plains
Quest Series
Sanctuary of the Devoted
Littlepaw's Knowledge
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