eq2 quest:Into the Silence  

EverQuest II
Game Update #66
Scars of the Awakened
April 30, 2013
[98] Into the Silence (Solo)
Category: Cobalt Scar
To start:

Speak to Outrider Metinga at 3502, -991, 1207 in Cobalt Scar to begin this quest.

  1. Visit the Eerie Encampment northwest of the outriders at 3659, -967, 1111 .
  2. Inspect the collapsed tent, animal trough, grain sacks and cooking pit.
  3. Speak to Outrider Metinga to complete the quest.

Along for the Ride Cobalt Scar
Quest Series
Outrider Encampment
Eyes of the Forest
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