eq2 quest:I Want All of Them!  

EverQuest II
Game Update #63
April 17, 2012
[90] I Want All of Them! (Solo)
Category: Withered Lands
To start:


Speak to Handler Shirsha in the New Combine Foothold at -3676, -782, -202 begin the quest.

  1. Find four more lost Drakkel prowler pups in the Waning Forest and Riven Plateau. You can search for them on track and can only have one following you at a time. You may even find all four in the same spot, but here's where we found them:
    • -3066, -749, -371
    • -3395, -757, -319
    • -3085, -752, -269
    • -3025, -754, -196
  2. Quest auto-completes when you bring him the fourth pup.

Can I Keep It? Withered Lands
Quest Series
New Combine Foothold
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